July 24 – 28, 2024

This 2-day Seminar costs $395 and runs Wednesday and Thursday between 9am-4pm.

Join the fast-growing team of US Asahi teachers! In the 2-day (12hr) Asahi certified program you learn 2 versatile Asahi series standing & sitting, Asahi’s mental & physical health benefits, background, and tips to help you get your own groups going. No previous experience necessary! Register soon to get pre-course materials!          

Presenter Bio: ASAHI®Head Trainer Margaret Vainio is an American musician, linguist & health coach, who has lived in Finland for almost half a century and has gained dual citizenship. Seeing so many Americans with health issues that could be alleviated by adding movement to their life has compelled her to bring ASAHI® to the US. To date, she has trained 50 US teachers and has presented ASAHI® at FinnFest since 2016. Sharing teaching responsibilities for the Teacher Training Courses at FinnFest this year will be the first US teacher trainers, who certified in January 2024: Sue Schaefer of Milwaukee, WI; Carol Curtis of Urbana, IL; Deb Wahlberg of Ironwood, MI; and Don Bode of Marquette, MI.