July 24 – 28, 2024

Documentary about pensioner’s entrancing journey towards finding a connection with the Eurasian lynx hiding in the forests.

James Ojala and Rauli Virtanen presentation about Emil Hurja, the Finn on the cover of the Time Magazine. Presentation will focus on Hurja’s efforts to get American humanitarian assistance to Finland during the winter war.

DRAW ME A DREAM is the title of Arno Rafael Minkkinen’s first feature length film now in development with the Inland Film Company in Helsinki. Locations and timeframes extend from 1915 Koivisto to 1939’s Winter War with Russia to Helsinki under fire and to the American Dream roller-coaster the Korhonen family faces in 1950’s Finntown and 60’s Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. DRAW ME A DREAM is the story of its youngest, Aku Korhonen, a girl crazy, now Finnish American boy—shunned by his beautiful mother (frontline nurse in the Winter War) for his unsightly, cleft-palate facial deformity. But Aku must also struggle against his (cavalry soldier) father’s vision for him to serve God. Escaping Brooklyn across the Verrazzano to Wagner College, heaven surrenders to earthbound desires. But will the mother and son’s cleft ever heal? Not without love stitched into his scars.

Minkkinen, a Guggenheim Fellow and Pro Finlandia awardee, is the screenwriter and director of the semi-autobiographical, 80% fact – 80% fiction, magical realist immigrant saga. An eight-minute demo video shot in Finland and screened at Lincoln Center’s Dance on Film Festival accompanies the PowerPoint of visual backstories in the development of the script. Highlights of Minkkinen’s 55 years in photography—from 30 countries and 30 American States—will also be part of the presentation. A beautiful, 36-page view booklet will be freely available while supplies last or sent to interested attendees upon request.

Presenter Bio:
Arno Rafael Minkkinen, knighted in Finland for his service and work in photography, has exhibited in well over 200 museums and galleries around the world. Eight monographs of his self-portraits in the landscape and urban settings have been published with the latest titled Minkkinen, winner of the German Photo Book Prize in gold for 2020 and Photo Book Award Jury Prize in Finland (2021). Beginning in 1970, his work in self-portraiture is one of the longest, non-stop chronologies in the history of the genre. Minkkinen is Emeritus Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, docent at Aalto University in Helsinki, and National Honored Educator of the Society for Photographic Education. All photographs courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York.

Paul Niemisto’s research delved into the story of Finnish immigrant bands in Northern Minnesota and along the Great Lakes as they settled into mining and agricultural communities and maintained musical traditions brought over from “the Old Country.”

“Cornets & Pickaxes” published in June 2013, is a report on his findings and a comprehensive resource of information about life in the northern region region from about 1880 to 1920, with references also to the decades up to the present time. It is a valuable book to historians, music buffs, and ancestry researchers. C&P has already received high praise from social historians, anthropologists, and music lovers. Niemisto’s presentation at Finnfest is a review of the material and an update on new findings.

This exhibit tells the Sámi story of Akanidi, Daughter of the Sun. She is splendidly dressed in her golden gakti in front of her golden lavvu presenting gifts to the Sámi people.

See up close PONSSE Scorpion Giant, an icon of modern forest machines. This harvester, weighing over 50,000 pounds will be on display at the Tori Nordic Fair.

Visit the Ponsse booth and discover cutting-edge forestry technology firsthand! Sit in the Ponsse Scorpion Giant machine and experience the harvesting work with their simulator!

Experience the pinnacle of Finnish engineering with Ponsse’s state-of-the-art digital technology machinery:

1) Ponsse Scorpion Giant Harvesting Machine – Dimensions: 10 feet x 40 feet, Height: 13 feet

2) Ponsse Simulators – Dimensions: 7 feet x 8 feet

Ponsse Full Simulator, as the name suggests, a full-range simulator system. It forms a training environment around the user, which is as close to a real forest machine environment as possible. The genuine PONSSE Opti information system for harvesters and forwarders, combined with excellent ergonomics for the operator, makes long-term learning enjoyable and fun. The PONSSE Full Simulator is equipped with three screens, offering a very wide and real-like field of vision.

The design makes the Ponsse Full Simulator an unprecedentedly stylish and attractive learning environment. New graphics are much more detailed and realistic than before, both in harvester and forwarder exercises. The system can also be converted for track-based harvester training in just a few minutes by replacing the handles and pedals.

The design of Ponsse Scorpion Giant focuses on the operator – the operator is literally the center point of the machine. The cabin is located in the middle of the machine, making it easier to see its extremities when working at dense thinning sites. What is more, the operator is situated in the middle of the cabin’s turning radius: when the cabin turns, the operator does not feel like being on a carousel. This has a significant impact on comfort and well-being at work. The unique crane solution offers excellent visibility in every direction. Good visibility on both sides of the cabin enables efficiency without any limits. The operator can select trees and felling directions and place trees into piles efficiently, producing the best harvesting quality.