July 24 – 28, 2024

This exhibition will be located in the DECC Lobby, next to the registration.

Born in Turku, Finland, Anita Jain grew up in Helsinki where her mother who worked in the clothing and textile industry. Anita moved to USA and continued her studies at the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Anita Jain lives in Maple Grove, MN, with her husband.

“Sauna is HOT and FinnFest 2024 will be keeping it that way!” The 2024 FinnFest Sauna Seminar on Thursday 25 July will be a full-day seminar which will celebrate, educate, explore, question, and share a number of topics regarding the Finnish sauna. Some of the topics will include sauna construction and design; the physical and mental health benefits of sauna use; and both historic and contemporary sauna culture. The 2024 FinnFest Sauna Seminar will not be just another slide show. The presenters, even with slides, are very experienced with their subject matters including authors, award winners and people with years of experience who have lived and breathed the Finnish sauna theme. Finnish sauna culture, both historic and contemporary, is also given a fair share of this seminar. From those born in a sauna to those who are “sauna-curious” the 2024 FinnFest Sauna Seminar is a must!

This is an all-day seminar and lunch will be included.


Welcome – Moderator Annaliisa Kovanen, Sauna enthusiast, guide, and Registered Nurse

Sauna Design and Construction – live from Finland
Dr. Lassi Liikkanen, Ph. D., Aalto University professor, Saunologist, and author of “The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design” 

The Importance of Ventilation in a Sauna
Walker Angell, author of March 2024 article, “How Carbon Dioxide Effects Sauna Quality Air”

Eco Saunas with wood from Minnesota
John Rajala, Minnesota Timber & Millwork, and Rajala Forestry

A Contemporary Sauna Design
David Salmela, Duluth architect, Modest Modernist, interviewed by Christopher Wegscheid, Project Manager/Architect, LHB

Sauna as a verb: Discovering sauna’s missing use manual.
Christopher Rice, Finnish sauna practice, rather than just sauna as a structure, should be a focus to see a robust sauna culture take root.

LUNCH BREAK – lunch provided

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of the Finnish Sauna
Dr Joy Hussain, M.D., Ph.D., The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, School of Health and Biomedical Sciences, Melbourne, Australia

A Savusauna Tour and Finnish Sauna Mythology
Frank Eld

History of Public Saunas in Duluth and Superior – “The arc from the beginnings of public sauna, to private sauna, and then back to public sauna having its modern-day renaissance.”
Justin Juntunen, Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna, Duluth

Various Finnish Sauna Options – Best fits for Various Homes
Matt Bergstrom, Sauna 360

North American Sauna Society Ambassador Project and North American Sauna Culture Expanding
Scott Raisanen, North American Sauna Society including an interview of Yuwatey Suy on “A Cambodian Refugee Discovers Finnish Sauna”

Questions and discussion
Open to questions from the audience including a question to the audience: What or who should be included in future sauna seminars?

End of Seminar