July 24 – 28, 2024

Learn the secrets that make Asahi Nordic & Modern Nordic Walking methods so simple & revolutionary. Find out how to fulfill the national recommendations for weekly exercise by combining these 2 compatible, revolutionary practices.

Asahi has been practiced at FinnFest since 2016, but in this lecture you will learn more about its broad applications with people of all ages & in all states of health: in daycare centers, schools, universities, workplaces, hospitals and care facilities. Asahi’s developer Internal medicine & geriatric specialist Dr. Yrjö Mähönen recommends Asahi in combination with Modern Nordic Walking for optimal health.

The World Modern Nordic Academy, based in Finland, has just set up the USA Modern Nordic Walking Academy in Florida in February 2024, so we are excited to have its President, Adrian Kasper, at FinnFest this year! Even though you may have learned Nordic Walking in the past, Adrian has the latest tips on how to get the most benefit from your walking experience! USA MNW Academy, as all MNW Academies, is a member of the International Council of NW, a scientific organization which promotes NW research, education and overall development worldwide & is also based in Finland.

Presenter Bios: Asahi Head Trainer Margaret Vainio is an American musician, linguist & health coach, who has lived in Finland for almost half a century and has gained dual citizenship. Seeing so many Americans with health issues that could be alleviated by adding movement to their life has compelled her to bring Asahi to the US. To date, she has trained about 50 US teachers and has presented Asahi at FinnFest since 2016. Accompanying Vainio will be the first US teacher trainers, who certified in January 2024: Sue Schaefer of Milwaukee, WI; Carol Curtis of Urbana, IL; Deb Wahlberg of Ironwood, MI; and Don Bode of Marquette, MI. Throughout FinnFest, Adrian Kasper will be conducting hands-on workshops outdoors and delivering short demonstrations at the Tori, showcasing his extensive experience and dedication to promoting Nordic walking.