July 24 – 28, 2024

Come enjoy typical Finnish dance hall music and dance your night away!

Ralph Tuttila’s dance band Lauluaika will entertain the dance hungry crowd for the first hour of Friday’s and Saturday’s Lavatanssit! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet FinnFest goers and get some extra steps in!

In 2017, Ralph Tuttila recruited younger musicians to form a new group, separate from Finn Hall, to learn Finnish folk music and history. Centered in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Lauluaika has performed as a group at different events from FinnFest 2017, 2019, and 2023 and at a variety of events in the upper Midwest including Nisswa-Stamman in Duluth, and Heikinpäivä in Hancock, MI. ​

Eric Platt, mandolin & guitar; Tamara Baker,Percussion, Pimpparauta &Vocals; Johanna Solem, Violin & Vocals; Jaana Tuttila,Bass, Nyckelharpa, Harmonium; Dennis Halme, Accordion; Justin Ciletti , Violin; Ralph Tuttila, mandolin, two-row accordion, harmonica, Jouhikko, Vocals.