July 24 – 28, 2024

See up close PONSSE Scorpion Giant, an icon of modern forest machines. This harvester, weighing over 50,000 pounds will be on display at the Tori Nordic Fair.

Visit the Ponsse booth and discover cutting-edge forestry technology firsthand! Sit in the Ponsse Scorpion Giant machine and experience the harvesting work with their simulator!

Experience the pinnacle of Finnish engineering with Ponsse’s state-of-the-art digital technology machinery:

1) Ponsse Scorpion Giant Harvesting Machine – Dimensions: 10 feet x 40 feet, Height: 13 feet

2) Ponsse Simulators – Dimensions: 7 feet x 8 feet

Ponsse Full Simulator, as the name suggests, a full-range simulator system. It forms a training environment around the user, which is as close to a real forest machine environment as possible. The genuine PONSSE Opti information system for harvesters and forwarders, combined with excellent ergonomics for the operator, makes long-term learning enjoyable and fun. The PONSSE Full Simulator is equipped with three screens, offering a very wide and real-like field of vision.

The design makes the Ponsse Full Simulator an unprecedentedly stylish and attractive learning environment. New graphics are much more detailed and realistic than before, both in harvester and forwarder exercises. The system can also be converted for track-based harvester training in just a few minutes by replacing the handles and pedals.

The design of Ponsse Scorpion Giant focuses on the operator – the operator is literally the center point of the machine. The cabin is located in the middle of the machine, making it easier to see its extremities when working at dense thinning sites. What is more, the operator is situated in the middle of the cabin’s turning radius: when the cabin turns, the operator does not feel like being on a carousel. This has a significant impact on comfort and well-being at work. The unique crane solution offers excellent visibility in every direction. Good visibility on both sides of the cabin enables efficiency without any limits. The operator can select trees and felling directions and place trees into piles efficiently, producing the best harvesting quality.